VIPER is a Vehicle Inventory Platform focused on the Easy Registration of new vehicles to the system.


If you’re a company focused on selling or leasing cars, you know the hassle involved in managing your ever changing car inventory. It’s crucial to get all the right information to your customers, like car model, available options, etc…  Acquiring and presenting all this information is, however, a time consuming process due to the manual processing steps involved in finding out all the car’s details.

The Solution: VIPER

VIPER offers its users an easy to use interface to an automated vehicle processing system. Managing your entire car inventory couldn’t be easier, you simply use your favorite smartphone, tablet or browser to access all of the VIPER features.

Adding a car couldn’t be simpler, you enter the car’s VIN (it’s unique vehicle identification number), take some accompanying pictures and you’re ready to submit! At this point VIPER takes control, it gathers all the technical information about your car from various sources and stores it to your account.

Want to remove the car? No problem, one click and it’s gone! We try to make every interaction with the VIPER system as painless as possible. Minimal interaction with our system equals more time you can spend on your business!

Once your vehicles are registered with the system, you have various options of presenting them to your customers. By default your inventory is made available through our own secure publishing system. You have total control on how you’re data can be accessed: public/private website, printable PDF,… you name it! Want to share your vehicles on other third party sites? No problem, VIPER can automatically submit your cars to popular online car marketplaces like autoscout24, AutoTrader, …

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